Sweet Talker | 2oz Loose Leaf Tea
Sweet Talker | 2oz Loose Leaf Tea
Sweet Talker | 2oz Loose Leaf Tea
Sweet Talker | 2oz Loose Leaf Tea

Sweet Talker | 2oz Loose Leaf Tea

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Relish this sweet combination of throat soothing licorice root, spicy ginger, and smooth lemongrass.Sweet talk your way to wellness!


Organic Lemongrass, organic Ginger Root, organic licorice root, organic orange peel,  peppermint, black peppercorn. 


How To Brew

  • Measure 1 tsp. of tea per 6 to 8oz serving of water and place into your cup, teapot, or infuser filter.
  • Heat fresh, filtered cold water to 185-205 ºF.
  • Pour water over leaves to release flavor & bouquet
  • Steep 3 to 5 minutes.
*Proper steeping times contribute to ultimate flavor and aroma. *Over steeping can produce a bitter taste. *To achieve a stronger brew, simply add more leaves.

2oz produces approximately 25 servings of tea. 
(Caffeine Free)


Why choose us?


Vault Coffee is a family owned and operated company who pride themselves on the elevated quality of farm fresh, organically air-roasted beans. The family farm is located in the heart Roanoke Texas that is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Being located in DFW gives Vault the access to import the highest quality beans that are on the market, while giving us the ability to ship everywhere at the lowest possible rates.


We air roast our beans in small batches in order to carefully monitor each batch for color, aroma, sound and flavor to craft the perfect bean with each and every roast. The difference truly comes down to our hand-picked beans and they way we roast them to make us stand out from other coffee companies. Roasting in small batches means the beans you receive are freshly roasted as you order them and sent directly to your door.


We have something that will please anyone's taste buds. Between our selection of premium loose leaf teas and our air roasted beans. We are sure you'll find something that fuels your needs!