Maverick | 12oz - Full City Roast

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MAVERICK is our Full City Roast that is crafted from a collaboration of 3 renowned farm’s hidden in the trails of the mountainous landscape known as the San Antonio region of Guatemala. These farm’s are known for being the most beautiful in the world with their well established trees and long producing history. You would think they would be farms known around the world as they are widely recognized for excellence but, they remain a hidden gem based in the heart of Guatemala. These beans travel north to our farm where they are Air-Roasted to create a transcending aroma that will help you soar smoothly through your day with ease.

This Clean Roast is the is perfect blend of bold but smooth and can be ground fine or coarse to accommodate Drip, Pour Over or French Press. Its a great on the go choice for your morning motivator, but is also a blend that can be slow poured so you can relax and enjoy the aromatically full flavor. Grab your mug,  ascend through any day.

MAVERICK, Fueling You To New Heights.


FLAVOR: Caramel, Cherry, Cocoa, Orange liquor, milk chocolate,  walnut

BODY: Clean, Medium

ACIDITY: Medium, Balanced