Our Story

Vault cold brew with oat milk



Located in the unique dining capital of Texas Vault has found its home in Roanoke. The founders of Vault, Harley and Jordan wound up here completely by chance but it ended up being one of their best decisions. With the ever increasing amount of information and products available to all consumers in today's world. They wanted to find a way to streamline daily convinces while maintaining product quality and create a simplistic way to access them in order to help the everyday person. This led them to adapt their business ideas to address this growing day to day problem and that is how VAULT. was born.

VAULT. Coffee was conceived originally as a way to become involved in their local community and provide high quality organically air roasted craft coffee. This concept continued to grow due to their customers love of their coffee and the want to be-able to achieve the freshly air roasted flavor at home. With all of this positive backing of the community they have been able to grow into a multi location Coffee House ( Oak Street Food and Brew & Compass Christian Church-Roanoke ), a growing farm to table E Commerce store and began to provide their beans on the whole sale market. With being located in the the heart of the DFW metroplex it allows them to import the highest quality beans from around the world and ship out freshly roasted beans internationally while maintaining the ability to offer convenient local delivery.


We import fair trade select-crop beans from the world's best growing regions and roasts them in small hand-crafted batches. You won't find these beans in any other local store. Vault works with farmers to import green beans packed at origin in moisture-proof, sealed bags. By hand-selecting crops and producers to buy directly from we bring our customers a truly unique, locally-roasted product. 


We air roast our beans in small batches in order to carefully monitor each batch for color, aroma, sound and flavor to craft the perfect bean with each and every roast. The difference truly comes down to our hand-picked beans and they way we roast that makes us stand out from other coffee companies.
We chose air roasting because of the consistency and overall control we are able to achieve in our small batch roasting style. What this does is allows us to recreate the same quality bean every roast we do.
On top of the way we roast we also are able to hand select the beans that we choose to roast. We get our beans direct from the farm they are harvested from where they travel to our farm. With this it lets us be-able to consistently achieve the same flavor, aroma and color time and time again.

By choosing hand selected premium beans and a unique roasting style we are able to provide the highest quality and consistent roasts on market.