Slow Ride | 12oz - DECAF
Slow Ride | 12oz - DECAF

Slow Ride | 12oz - DECAF

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SLOW RIDE is our specialty decaf roast that has the full flavor of a high octane bean with the ones in mind that want to sit back and take easy. These beans go through a sugar cane process that strips away the caffeine but preserves the bold flavor of a satisfying Colombian roast. This bean that comes to our farm is a sweet and medium perfection that will quench your fix but not push you over the edge.

This roast has that full bold taste fit for you cup but wont be what pulls you out of that afternoon rutt. Sit back take it slow, enjoy the flavor but the bean won’t make you go. For you late night drinkers or the caffeine free thinkers.This is the perfect bean to drip, pour or press.

Sit Back, Slow Down, Take the Right Lane for a Slow Ride.     

Why choose us?


Vault Coffee is a family owned and operated company who pride themselves on the elevated quality of farm fresh, organically air-roasted beans. The family farm is located in the heart Roanoke Texas that is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Being located in DFW gives Vault the access to import the highest quality beans that are on the market, while giving us the ability to ship everywhere at the lowest possible rates.


We air roast our beans in small batches in order to carefully monitor each batch for color, aroma, sound and flavor to craft the perfect bean with each and every roast. The difference truly comes down to our hand-picked beans and they way we roast them to make us stand out from other coffee companies. Roasting in small batches means the beans you receive are freshly roasted as you order them and sent directly to your door.


We have something that will please anyone's taste buds. Between our selection of premium loose leaf teas and our air roasted beans. We are sure you'll find something that fuels your needs!