The Coffee

Vault cold brew with oat milk

Vault provide's our customers with fresh roasted in-house coffee. What set’s Vault apart from other local coffee shops is a dedication to providing our customers with the freshest and best coffee possible. And, the only way to truly do that is to roast your coffee right before your own eyes!

We import select-crop beans from the worlds best growing regions and roasts them in small hand-crafted batches. You won't find these beans in any other local store. Vault works with producers to import green beans packed at origin in moisture-proof, sealed bags. By hand-selecting crops and producers to buy directly from we bring our customers a truly unique, locally-roasted product. 

We air roast small batches and personally monitor the entire process. We carefully monitor each batch for color, smell and time to craft the right bean with each and every roast. This sets us apart from most roasters who roast large 50 -100lb. batches at a time to maximize their profits. The difference is truly hand-crafted beans that stand out from other coffees.

By choosing unique beans and a unique roasting style, our goal is for our coffee to become the coffee you can't live without!