Sampler | Single Origin
Sampler | Single Origin
Sampler | Single Origin
Sampler | Single Origin
Sampler | Single Origin
Sampler | Single Origin

Sampler | Single Origin

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Dive into our collection of Single Origin beans. This sampler will let you taste flavors from the best farms from around the world. Try flavors from light to dark to see what will spark for you. Don't try them once, you'll get to try each for 2-3 cups. Find the fuel you'll use to wake you up!

4 - 2oz bags of ground coffee , serving 2-3 each



Medium | Dark

Ripe cherries were selectively handpicked, sent to the washing station and cleaned and de-pulped mechanically, with all mucilage removed under water pressure. (In Brazil, washed coffees that are de-pulped and immediately washed, rather than spending time in a fermentation tank, are called semi-washed.) The parchment was then sent to greenhouses where it was slowly dried in thin layers. Afterward, it rested in wooden boxes for at least 30 days and then was husked mechanically and stored at a nearby warehouse. 




Mata de Platano Honduras bean has a fresh, clean cup with a mild acidity, medium body and notes of cocoa, green apple and raisin.. The producers who are involved in this bean exemplify community. One may have a de-pulper and de-pulp cherry for three or four neighbors (keeping each lot completely separate), while another may own a truck and deliver everyone's wet parchment to the Molinos de Honduras (MDH) mill in El Paraiso. The Volcafe Way team has also helped finance solar dryers in some communities and worked with producers on techniques for minimizing humidity to maintain coffee quality. At the mill, each producer's coffee is kept separate as it's fully dried, milled and husked. Only then does the MDH team carefully combine lots, to create this desired profile.




This Washed Yirgacheffe Grade 2 Kanketi comes from smallholder farmers in the villages of Foggi and Negele Gorbitu in Abaya which borders the Gedeo Zone in Yirgacheffe. Coffee farming in Abaya started in the 1970s under the European Union's Coffee Improvement Program. Only in the last decade did farmers in Foggi and Negele Gorbitu start coffee production. Coffee from these villages have a bean structure and cup quality that reflect vigor of their youthful coffee trees.

 This coffee was produced by Fikadu Abayneh Kebede whose mill serves approximately 400 smallholder farmers from the villages of Foggi and Negele Gorbitu. Fikadu started working in coffee over 15 years ago, under the supervision of his father; he established the wet mill in Foggi about 10 years ago. Fikadu's wet mill buys freshly harvested coffee cherries from local farmers for processing. The cherries are fermented in tanks for 36 hours before being washed. Afterwards the coffee goes through a natural drying process on raised beds over a period of a week. Post processing, coffees from Fikadu's mill are put up for sale through Kanketi Coffee Export.




This Gatubu AA microlot was produced by the Iyego Coffee Growers Co-operative in Muranga County. Gatubu AA is an 18+ screen and contains mostly SL28 and SL34 with small amounts of Ruiru 11. This microlot was chosen for its citrusy brightness, tea-like notes and its complex Kenyan character.

The Iyego Coop is comprised of 670 members from the Mununga, Gatubu, Marimira, Kabiruini, Watuha, Gathima, Gitura, Kiairathe, Thangathi, Nyakahura, Kirangano and Iyego Factory.

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Vault Coffee is a family owned and operated company who pride themselves on the elevated quality of farm fresh, organically air-roasted beans. The family farm is located in the heart Roanoke Texas that is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Being located in DFW gives Vault the access to import the highest quality beans that are on the market, while giving us the ability to ship everywhere at the lowest possible rates.


We air roast our beans in small batches in order to carefully monitor each batch for color, aroma, sound and flavor to craft the perfect bean with each and every roast. The difference truly comes down to our hand-picked beans and they way we roast them to make us stand out from other coffee companies. Roasting in small batches means the beans you receive are freshly roasted as you order them and sent directly to your door.


We have something that will please anyone's taste buds. Between our selection of premium loose leaf teas and our air roasted beans. We are sure you'll find something that fuels your needs!