Honduras | 12oz - Full City Roast

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FLAVOR: Cocoa, Green Apple, Raisin

BODY: Medium



Mata de Platano Honduras bean has a fresh, clean cup with a mild acidity, medium body and notes of cocoa, green apple and raisin.. The producers who are involved in this bean exemplify community. One may have a de-pulper and de-pulp cherry for three or four neighbors (keeping each lot completely separate), while another may own a truck and deliver everyone's wet parchment to the Molinos de Honduras (MDH) mill in El Paraiso. The Volcafe Way team has also helped finance solar dryers in some communities and worked with producers on techniques for minimizing humidity to maintain coffee quality. At the mill, each producer's coffee is kept separate as it's fully dried, milled and husked. Only then does the MDH team carefully combine lots, to create this desired profile.