Sampler | Signature Roasts
Sampler | Signature Roasts
Sampler | Signature Roasts
Sampler | Signature Roasts
Sampler | Signature Roasts
Sampler | Signature Roasts

Sampler | Signature Roasts

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Take a flavorful tour of Vaults Signature Roasts. You'll be able to sample our Light , Medium, Full City and Dark Roasts with 2oz bags of each. Don't worry it's not just one cup of coffee per flavor. It will fuel you with 2-3 cups so you can find what you will choose to recharge you day to day. 

4 - 2oz bags of ground coffee , serving 2-3 each



Light Roast

MUSE is a roast that combines the dream and passion of 2 countries and over 400 small farms to create this harmonious blend. These small farms get to pursue their ultimate vision of providing their muse to the world. Their beans then travel to our farm where they are Air-Roasted to create a sweet and floral blend that will please any pallet while providing what you need, so you can dream.

This beautifully orchestrated roast shines through when ground to a semi coarse texture, brewed from the water of a heated kettle, and slowly poured over your favorite filtered carafe. But if you need it quick? Let it drip. Sit back, sip slow, let your muse flow.

Find Your Muse, Fuel Your Passion.


Medium Roast

Drive is comprised of beans derived from a Biological Conservation Corridor in the National Parks of Colombia. These beans are grown and harvested with preservation of natural resources and wildlife in mind. The beans from a beautifully painted farm make their way to ours where we Air-Roast them to a golden brown perfection that will help you find the drive to conquer anything thrown your way.

This balanced clean roast is made with a medium coarse grind in mind to curate a perfect drip or satisfying pour over. Our Colombian Candy is the perfect way to kick start your day, the right way. Take a sip,  merge to the fast lane.

We Have It, Find Yours. Fuel Your Drive.


Full City Roast

MAVERICK is our Full City Roast that is crafted from a collaboration of 3 renowned farms hidden in the trails of the mountainous landscape known as the San Antonio region of Guatemala. These farms are known for being the most beautiful in the world with their well established trees and long producing history. You would think they would be farms known around the world as they are widely recognized for excellence but, they remain a hidden gem based in the heart of Guatemala. These beans travel north to our farm where they are Air-Roasted to create a transcending aroma that will help you soar smoothly through your day with ease.

This Clean Roast is the is perfect blend of bold but smooth and can be ground fine or coarse to accommodate Drip, Pour Over or French Press. Its a great on the go choice for your morning motivator, but is also a blend that can be slow poured so you can relax and enjoy the aromatically full flavor. Grab your mug,  ascend through any day.

MAVERICK, Fueling You To New Heights.


Dark Roast

LEGACY Roast is our proprietary blend of 5 hand selected beans that are curated from 4 different countries. Complimentary flavors derived from Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras and Kenya embark on a journey to our farm. Where they are Air-Roasted together to produce a one-of-a-kind roast that presents a smooth yet textured and layered flavor that all can enjoy.

Grind these beans the way you prefer, this roast was conceived for Espresso However, it is great for Drip, Pour Over and even Cold Brew. Pour a cup, taste adventure.

This Is Our Legacy, Let Us Fuel Yours.


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Why choose us?


Vault Coffee is a family owned and operated company who pride themselves on the elevated quality of farm fresh, organically air-roasted beans. The family farm is located in the heart Roanoke Texas that is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Being located in DFW gives Vault the access to import the highest quality beans that are on the market, while giving us the ability to ship everywhere at the lowest possible rates.


We air roast our beans in small batches in order to carefully monitor each batch for color, aroma, sound and flavor to craft the perfect bean with each and every roast. The difference truly comes down to our hand-picked beans and they way we roast them to make us stand out from other coffee companies. Roasting in small batches means the beans you receive are freshly roasted as you order them and sent directly to your door.


We have something that will please anyone's taste buds. Between our selection of premium loose leaf teas and our air roasted beans. We are sure you'll find something that fuels your needs!